Leafire Inc.

Our Company

Leafire Inc. is on the pursuit to become the leading agriculture and greenhouse complex development company in North America, with primary operations headquartered in Irvine, California. Currently, Leafire owns a 2 million square foot cultivation site, which is estimated to be the largest and most advanced agricultural center in North America.

To best utilize this immense space, Leafires’ innovative engineering team created superior aeroponic greenhouses, that adopt a specialized birds-nest design, devoid of pillar obstruction, and applies 5th generation agriculture technology.

Leafires’ 5th generation technology combines 4th generation agriculture techniques, with aeroponics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Aeroponics is the process of cultivating plants in a soil-free, oxygen-rich, environment. The plant’s roots are not submerged in soil but instead suspended in the air. The plants are then nourished with precise, nutrient-laden mist, light, and fresh oxygen. Aeroponic cultivation allows for rapid growth, which translates to greater yield and profit. Aeroponic systems are eco-friendly, conserving energy and water by using a closed-loop irrigation system.

Furthermore, by using AI to manage our advanced aeroponic greenhouses, we are able to receive data analytics that helps us produce superior agriculture products and conserve resources. Our sophisticated greenhouses rely on intelligent automation to remotely track, sense, nourish, and analyze our aeroponic cultivation process. The automation of the aeroponic cultivation process is sustainable, scientifically controlled, provides the purest grow environment (free of pesticides or pathogens), and guarantees product consistency.

Leafire Inc. is projected to achieve rapid development, in all agriculture departments, due to obtaining the largest cultivation site, technologically advanced greenhouses, an elite research team, and access to the largest US market present.